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Ok, I got it
Sindy 1977 CarryCase
1963-1985. Pedigree Dolls and Toys Limited. Sindy is a registered trademark of Pedigree Dolls And Toys Limited.
In 1977 a new carrycase replaced the previous pink one. Whereas the previous model had been simply a case to carry a Sindy and her clothes around in, the new case was this, and more ! Much more !
Sindy's new carrycase was quite a change from her last. Gone was the clear PVC window for Sindy to look out of while being carried, and gone was the Sindy pink and carry handle. In their place was a shoulder strap which was detachable, brown 'leather' look finish, and a hotel room inside !
The front of the carrycase featured luggage labels, something long lost in our past now, but at the time were very popular with travellers, weather it be world travellers or folks just holidaying in the UK. Collecting luggage labels and badges from each place you visited was great fun.
The top of the case has the 'lock', and a clip to clip the shoulder strap on, the other shoulder strap clip was on the side of the case.
The bottom of the case has an address label printed on it for the young owner to write their name and address in.
When you opened up the carrycase, what fun !!! This is what Pedigree did best, tons of play value in the simplest of items. A whole hotel room for Sindy ! All printed on vinyl, attached to the hardboard case. It featured a shower, shelves/dressing 'table' with mirror over it, closet, room door with meal times on it, as featured above, and a bed with covers and a pillow. The   door doubled up as the bed....seen in the photo above far right, it's a door, but dropped down, it becomes a bed, very clever styling.The door simply being printed on the inside bottom of the bed.
Left, the hotel room door, right, the bed dropped down. With headboard design, telephone and alarm clock, plus cute Pierrot picture.
The plastic bed base was covered with a fitted sheet in crisp cotton with a lovely fresh blue trellis and flower print on a white background.The pillow was sewn into the bottom fitted sheet. The fitted top cover was in the same design but reverse colours.
Just like Sindy's homes, the printed walls of the interior added realism to the whole thing. The shower with it's pulled back curtain and the shelves with accessories on. The blue shelves were in the same pvc as the bed/door, that sort of brittle plastic used for margarine tubs. They provided space for Sindy's shoes and sweaters etc.
The great thing about the carrycase was that you could now take Sindy on holiday with you, and she would have her own room to ! With a closet, shelves/dressing table, a shower, and a lovely bed to sleep in.
Sindy could unpack, just like you, and put all her clothes into her closet, hung from the metal rail.
Everything featured in the photo's is from 1977, so it gives you a good idea of what a child would have had for their carrycase at the time.
Once unpacked you may well have taken Sindy down to the beach to play in the sand, or maybe to the poolside for a swim and sunbathe. Then at bedtime, Sindy could have a shower before retiring for the evening.
On with Sindy's beautiful 'Misty Blue' nightie and housecoat, and it's off to bed for our Pedigree girl.
Good night Sindy. Oh and what fun we'll have over the next two weeks in the sunshine. Pleasant dreams.